Gifts in Memory

Click on the images to find out more about these gifts given in memory of someone in our community.



 Silver Chalice and Paten in memory of James Clifford Souster 1900 – 1955


 Brass Altar Book Stand with Katherine Wheel Motif  in memory of Eleanor Cox 1929


Collection Plate in memory of Ian Michael Nicholson 1959-1966



Small Statue of St Nicholas; a gift from Revd L F Rooney


Brass Cross and Candlesticks Given by the Young Wives Fellowship 1960 


Icon of the Virgin Mary and Christ-Child given by Barbara Harding in memory of her Mother 1988




 Book of Remembrance Case in particular memory of Kathleen Ambridge, Phyllis Jarvis, Elaine Armitage, Ellen & Stanley Windsor.


The Foundation Stone of St Nicholas' Church laid by Mrs Dorothy Glennie on 18th May 1960


Cross and Candles In loving memory of Ernest Bubbers 1930 



Silver Processional Cross given to St Katherine’s Church in 1932 by Lalla Manthor 

  Oak Processional Cross in memory of Phyllis Owens 1920 - 2013

Lectern in memory of William D Read 1885 - 1952



Celebrant/Bishop's Chair Presented to Parish Church by E H Cox


Votive Candle Stand in memory of Valerie Jennings 1952-1999


Votive Candle Stand presented by Joan Green 2010



Clavinova in memory of Valerie Knowles and Edna Fowler-Wintle

  Baby Grand Piano presented by Martin Jones of Rayleigh



Vicars/Rectors' Board in memory of Revd John Fleetwood




 Book of Remembrance


Silver Chalice in memory of Norma Tillett, 1912 – 1992.  


Flag Pole in memory of Len Darby  




  Thurible given by Mrs Eileen Brown 2017



Incense Boat in memory of Doreen Thompson





 Acolyte Candlesticks in memory of George and Milly Blackwell


Baptismal Ewer in memory of Tony Peck


Crucifix in memory of Ivy Billings 1915-2006 



Ciborium given by Fiona and Peter Mallinson in memory of Jim and Flo Hendry


Lavabo Jug given by Peter and Fiona Mallinson


Ciborium given by Peter and Fiona Mallinson in memory of Harry and Hazel Mallinson



 Lavabo bowl given by Peter and Fiona Mallinson


Triptych of The Annunciation, The Flight into Egypt and the Visit of the Magi, worked and presented by Michael Smale, 2010






The Rose Garden



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